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Aarsh Play & Creative School,a vertical of SamUrja Educational Society firmly believes that Early Child Care & Education makes a positive contribution to children’s long term development. Learning by facilitating an enabling and stimulating environment in these foundation stages marks an lifelong impact. The first six years of life are critical years of human life since the rate of development in these years is more rapid than at any other stage of development. Global brain research also informs us about the significance of early years for brain development.

The training designed at Aarsh PCS with apt care and love imparted at the early childhood stage helps to ensure opportunities for holistic learning and growth. The programme determines children’s developmental and contextual needs,providing for more need based inputs and an enabling environment.The vacuum created by a lack of curriculum framework has resulted in its being filled with either a minimalist/abrupt programme or the downward extension of the primary stage curriculum.

To ensure optimal development for all children, Aarsh PCS has planned pedagogy encompassing developmentally appropriate knowledge and skills,with flexibility for contextualization.The purpose of this is to promote quality and excellence in early child care & education by providing guidelines that would promote optimum learning and development of children and set out the broad arrangement of approaches and experiences.A cautious approach is being adopted to not provide a detailed curriculum/syllabus which would be prescriptive and ‘delivered’ to the young children in a’ straight jacketed manner’.

Aarsh PCS Programme is firmly focused on the needs of the child which leads to improved quality of learning and increased attainment of learning outcomes for children participating in these programmes.The other components for the holistic programme such a s nutrition, health surroundings and care are ensured by cross reference from related processes.