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Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them

Dr. Rajesh Hassija Chief Patron, Aarsh PCS

Dr. Rajesh Hassija
Chief Patron, Aarsh PCS

Greetings form Aarsh Play & Creative School, the first International Play School in Greater Noida. The school is situated in the lush green environment in Omega-3, Builders’ Area, Greater Noida, making it a heaven for our young angels.

Human Society has always desired to have a system of education which focuses on overall development of every child. An educational system which not only gives children wings but also ensures that they develop strong roots is the need of society. Aarsh PCS is a testimony to such system of education where young ones imbibe cultural and social values and inculcate ethos and discipline of the society.Most importantly, children are loved and made to feel cherished so that they approach life with a positive attitude. In a way, Aarsh Play & Creative School ushers the child into a world of possibilities where their personality blossoms and reaches its maximum potential.

Our endeavour at Aarsh PCS is to nurture these tender saplings and groom them into well trained, focused, committed and praiseworthy adults of tomorrow.We put the child at the center of everything we do. We believe all children have unique potential that should be encouraged. And we know that for children to excel in today’s competitive and technology-driven world, they need a new set of skills—social and emotional, as well as academic. Integrated programs based on multifaceted activities have been designed to have an apt balance of linguistic, cognitive, creative, socio-emotional and physical activities.The school has drawn a curriculum which paves the first step for 21st century play school in Greater Noida.

Aarsh PCS ingrains the compelling desire to bring about an environment to develop the mind and soul as a ‘whole’ child. The safe and secure environment makes it the BEST play school in Greater Noida. Our play school is idyllic as we have a large green space and a natural garden for the students to explore. By providing high quality care and education implementing a rich, play-based indoors and outdoors curriculum,our school offers a safe, stimulating, comfortable environment. The children experience maximum fun and enjoyment, by receiving quality time and attention based on their own personal interests and views.

At Aarsh PCS, we espouse kindness, respect and responsibility in every gesture and communication. We believe in cultivating community spirit, a caring environment in which all students can learn to coordinate and collaborate. Children are encouraged to be independent. We focus on developing children’s existing skills by building their knowledge using their interests, giving them opportunities to engage in playing, sharing, learning and working together. Our staffs are qualified, experienced and positive role models who provide positive interaction and engagement with children. They have excellent observation, supervision and listening skills.

We provide proficient, disciplined and perpetual support to our students to become the finest prototype of GOD, family and school. We do not admit children, we adopt them.

Dr. Rajesh Hassija