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Ms. Mukta Misra
The Chairperson, Aarsh PCS

Aarsh Play & Creative School is the brain child of Samurja Educational Society (Regd.) which is a consortium of academic scholars, professionals, policy makers and practitioners of local and global repute equipped to endow with quality education with international standards.

Our collective revelation and experience revealed and made us realize the intrinsic need of Indian metro society today. The pattern of nuclear families and professional parents is picking up momentum. Working parents go to work and children are left with fancy electronic gadgets (Video games, television, Computer, I-pad etc.) and in the care and company of untrained domestic helps.

Aarsh PCS came into existence as a responsive catalyst to facilitate genuine quality education for preschoolers.Aarsh PCS, a 21st century play school in Greater Noida, emphasizes on quick communication and information using technology ICT while cultivating core traditional values. Aarsh PCSis an epicenter of excellence catering to the essentials of the present society inclusive of value education as precedence.

Aarsh PCS is equipped tomend of the needs of children in the age group of 2 year to 5 years. The school advocates in cultivating core values of confidence, courage, courtesy, compassion, competence, creativity and commitment for life long success and happiness. The school gives strong emphasis on Experiential Learning and LOC i.e.learning outside the class rooms.

Aarsh PCS acknowledges the fact that children’s are like little sponges that soak up learning, independence and social skills swiftly. Early childhood is a time of wonder, openness and insatiable curiosity. Our curriculum based on a blend of Play way and Montessori Methodsstrives to develop a sense of excitement, discovery and joy of learning amongst the children. Children are prompted to explore and develop freely in a safe, dynamic and nurturing environment.

At Aarsh PCS believes that every child is unique. Competencies and learning objectives remain unchanged; only the degree of complexity of specific objectives differs from individual to individual. We advocate differential learning. We do not admit a child; we adopt him.We care for you.

Mukta Misra