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Question- Why a child should be sent to a Play School/Early childcare Centre?

Answer- a child should be sent to a Play school:

  1. to help child acclimatize to outside world and ease the separation pangs.
  2. to helps toddlers develop personal skills to become active part in the years to come.
  3. to help the toddles develop a positive mind set to be a confident learner in future
  4. to help toddlers initiate in the readiness language Skills, phonics program for school level.
  5. to give a place to develop skills, concepts, positive attitudes and values.

Question- What are the special features of Aarsh PCS?

Answer- The special features of Aarsh PCS are

  1. Safe and Secured child friendly atmosphere
  2. Well planned and defined curriculum
  3. Thematic classroom
  4. Activity based learning
  5. Interactive Learning Programme
  6. Well trained and experienced staff

Question-Do you provide school transport?

Answer- The school provides transport which is branded as

  1. Secured transportation
  2. Door–to-door pick up and drop
  3. Accompanied by an attendant
  4. Police verified and badge drivers

Question-What is the medium of instruction?

Answer- Boning or inspiration has no language, However, the medium of instruction is English. Initial repo is established using mother tongue.

Question-What are your school timings?

Answer-The school timings are from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. But boarding facility is available till 7.30 pm.

Question-What method do you follow to teach the child?

Answer- We follow Montessori Method along with Play way approach . We believe that a child learns more when he/she experiences, so Experiential learning is charted i.e. learning by doing is the essence of our system.

Question-What is Montessori Method?

Answer- The Montessori philosophy was given by Dr. Maria Montessori. It is built upon the idea that children think and develop differently than adults. It hinges on the concept of the ‘absorbent mind’. All children since birth possess limitless motivation to explore and learn. Through the use of tools and teaching methods this philosophy allows children to learn intuitively, independently, thoroughly and at their own Pace.

Montessori Method ideally adheres to a three year range of students based on different levels. It encourage interactive and social learning environment. This allows flexibility in learning pace. It also allows older children to reinforce their skills by sharing and collaborating with younger children.