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Level Age* No. of Children Duration Intake
Play School Program 18 months to 2 6/class 6 months to One year Any time through the year
Nursery 2+ to 3+ 6/class One year April/July/Local academic intake
KG 1 3+ to 4+ 6/class One year April/July/Local academic intake
KG 2 4+ to 5+ 6/class One year April/July/Local academic intake
After School Program 3+ to 4+ 10/class One year April/July /Local academic intake
Intensive Literacy Program(ILP-JKG) 3+ to 4+ 10/class One year April/July/Local academic intake
Intensive Kindergarten Program(IKP-SKG) 4+ to 5+ 15/class One year April/July/Local academic intake

Aarsh Play & Creative School Program also takes into consideration the role of parents and has a structured program called Mummy Lee programme which offers an opportunity for mothers and children to work together with the teacher in developing the child’s sense of self and how the child fits in the world. This also gives an opportunity for parents to experience the vision of SamUrja Educational Society.

This program engages the parent in the program which also facilitates the parents to understand importance of continuing education outside the classroom and in their homes, while learning the techniques involved.The children will be at different levels of physical, social, intellectual, emotional and language development and abilities. You will have to strive to keep the more mature child challenged and interested, keeping in mind that the younger child also be challenged but not feel defeated because he cannot do as much as the older child. Mummy Lee Program 3 to 5 yrs, 15/class 3 classes per week April/July /Local academic intake

Aarsh Play & Creative School offers an additional program with the 3 years structured program called the Weekend programme which gives an opportunity to other children who may not be enrolled in the weekly program but may be enrolled in other schools to experience Aarsh Play & Creative School.

Program is open to children from Samurja Play Station Programme to Nursery, KG and KG 2 level. This programme provides parents of children with an option for registration on Saturdays (especially convenient for parents who work on Saturdays, or want their child busy during weekend). However, this will also be open to children not registered in the regular week day program.

2-8 yrs 15-20 classes 3-4 weeks Long Break (summer /winter)

The following auxiliaries are also provided on site to support learning process.

  1. Puzzles
  2. Puppets
  3. Blocks
  4. Costumes
  5. Doctor’s set
  6. Kitchen set
  7. Musical Instruments
  8. Toy vehicles
  9. Magnets
  10. Weighing Balance
  11. Magnifying glass
  12. Kaleidoscope
  13. Test Tubes
  14. Play Dough
  15. Beads
  16. Video & DVD Player
  17. Globe
  18. Tapes
  19. CDs
  20. Books in Hindi and English